The Making of a Custom Painted Ketubah for Eric and Jessica

October 01, 2013

The Making of a Custom Painted Ketubah for Eric and Jessica

Eric and Jessica found my art when they were searching for a ketubah and came across my Etsy shop . They liked my style, but were looking for something totally original for their upcoming wedding. They were developing a movement/dance theme for the big day (and their life in general) and liked the idea of having a completely unique hand-painted ketubah that no other couple in the world would have.

This is Eric and Jessica, how cute are they?

eric and jessica photo

And so began our journey together. My favorite thing about painting custom ketubot is the opportunity to get to know the couple. Although I have never met Eric or Jessica face to face (they are in San Francisco while I am in Houston) I really loved getting to know them and their creative vision through phone calls, and countless emails.

We started out by brainstorming ideas. I asked them to send me imagery that was appealing and meaningful to them so I could get a feel for their aesthetic.   Since they knew for sure that they wanted a dancing figure on the ketubah, I started out by sketching a whole bunch of dancing figures for them, to see what they would like so we could go from there…

sketch A sketch B Sketch Csketch DSketch E  Sketch F

But these were a little too “Dancing with the Stars” for them. They sent me some images of the kind of dancing they were into, including this amazing sculpture called Bliss Dance from Treasure Island in San Francisco.  Their wedding ceremony would be right next to it.

Bliss Dance on Treasure Island

So back to the drawing board I went! I presented them with a new series of sketches, focusing on a more organic, flowing and energetic dance style:

Eric and Jessica Sketches 2

And we had a winner! They liked sketch C. They also sent me an image they really loved from a meditation retreat they had just attended, for inspiration. Yes, this wonder couple has time to plan a wedding, study for bar exams, and attend meditation retreats too!


Next I presented them with a few layout ideas, one with the text split and one with the text all together:

composition sketch 2 composition sketch 1

They chose the split-text layout and decided against a “chai” on the top.  They also told me they liked the rendering style from the Love Tree 2 Ketubah.


It was time for my favorite part, painting!!

Eric and Jessica

Eric and Jessica 01

Eric and Jessica0 Eric and Jessica1

Drumroll please…..

Eric and Jessica Ketubah

Just a few sentimental sniffles at the FEDEX office, and off the ketubah went on its journey to California and to its permanent home with Eric and Jessica!! Mazel tov you guys!!!!

Here it is, signed, sealed and delivered (but not in that order):

Eric and Jessica final

Thank you so much, Eric and Jessica, for letting my art be a part of your special day. It was truly an honor! May your ketubah stay with you for a long, fulfilling and inspiring marriage, full of miracles! L’Chaim!

Eric and Jessica Dancing

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