Classic Love Tree Ketubah in Royal Violet

Painted as an expression of love, the Classic Love Tree Ketubah describes the foundation for a fruitful, elegant and fulfilling relationship. In Judaism, The Tree of Life (Etz haChayim עץ החיים) is a mystical symbol used in Kabbalah to describe the path to HaShem. Inspired by this concept, I depicted a couple in love, their bodies blending into one, intertwined with the roots of the strong, elegant tree -- a symbol of their relationship, their connection, their love and passion for each other and the journey on which they are setting forth together.

We highly recommend adding gold leaf to this ketubah! You can do that by purchasing this item along with your ketubah:

This is an archival Giclee Print on Watercolor Paper.

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  • Where are the lines for witnesses to sign on this Ketubah?

    Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for getting in touch! The signature lines for the Reform, Humanist and Interfaith texts come standard underneath the English text, unless the customer requests for them to be on the Hebrew side instead.  The signature lines on the Conservative and Orthodox texts come under the Hebrew/Aramaic side of the text. The number of signature lines can all be customized if requested. Please don’t hesitate with more questions! You can also email us at
    Thank you!