Your City Skyline Ketubah

Painted as an expression of love, the Your City Skyline ketubah is as romantic as it is beautiful. If you order this listing, Anna Abramzon will paint a custom ketubah skyline for the city of your choice onto this image. A ketubah is a unique way to tell a love story by "marrying" visual art and text. Originating in the Jewish faith, ketubahs (also spelled katuba, katubah, ketuba and plural ketubot) was a marital contract. Now a days, couples of all faiths celebrate their love with beautiful ketubahs for their homes.

Here artist Anna Abramzon painted a couple in love, their bodies blending into one-- a symbol of their relationship, their connection, their love and passion for each other and the journey on which they are setting forth together. Please note that the small size of this ketubah is only available with one language, in order to make the text fit.

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