Meet the Artist

Anna Abramzon

Hi I'm Anna Abramzon. Welcome to my studio!

It all started with a love story.

I was fresh out of art school when I moved to Jerusalem, Israel, in search of adventure and inspiration --- and very quickly I found someone who would inspire me for the rest of my life: my husband, Patricio. Patricio had recently moved to Israel from Argentina. We got engaged 6 days after I arrived in Israel! My parents almost had heart attacks.

The first ketubah and wedding invitation I ever painted was for my own wedding. I felt so inspired by my new surroundings, coupled with my new found romance! It was only natural to channel all this inspiration into art. I didn’t come from a background of creating “Jewish art." In fact I had always been a figurative painter. After our wedding, I started getting calls from other couples, friends and friends of friends, asking if I would create ketubahs, invitations and other wedding artwork for them. And that’s how my studio was born.

I create modern, whimsical art with a twist. My artwork captures the spirit and beauty of traditional motifs, while combining it with a fresh, contemporary perspective. My favorite part of running my art studio is working with clients one on one to make the perfect piece of art for them.

My work has been shown in galleries in Chicago, New York, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Galveston, Houston, Tel Aviv, Connecticut, Miami Beach, and St. Paul. Patricio and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with our daughters, Alma and Suri, who always keep us on our toes.