Love Tree Ketubah

Painted as an expression of love, the Love Tree Ketubah describes the foundation for a fruitful, colorful and fulfilling relationship. In Judaism, The Tree of Life (Etz haChayim עץ החיים) is a mystical symbol used in Kabbalah to describe the path to HaShem. Inspired by this concept, I depicted a couple in love, their bodies blending into one, intertwined with the roots of the strong, elegant tree -- a symbol of their relationship, their connection, their love and passion for each other and the journey on which they are setting forth together. This ketubah is a limited Giclee print on watercolor paper. It can be printed in English, Hebrew or both.

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  • What kind of of text does this ketubah come with?

    Hi Karen! All Anna Abramzon ketubahs (or ketubot) come with a choice of ketubah texts including Reform, Interfaith, Egalitarian, Conservative, and Orthodox options. Our modern texts are also available as same-sex texts for two brides or two grooms. You can see the current standard texts we offer here: (click each text on the left hand side to see it). You also always have the options of writing (or providing*) your own text! Please don't hesitate to contact us with more questions. We are always here to help! 

    *please note that we will not knowingly reproduce texts that are copyrighted by other artists or companies, so please ask for permission from text owners before sending us a custom text. Thank you!